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Tumi Alpacas Tumi Alpacas Tumi Alpacas

You’ve probably never heard of
us! We don’t show our animals
and we don’t advertise. All our
sales are based on word of
mouth and price.

Why Tumi?
Alpaca is known as the
“Fibre of the gods” by the Incas.

The most important of all is the sun
god, Inti whos image often appears
on the ceremonial knife or TUMI.

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Tumi Alpacas
Tumi Alpacas Our Vision Tumi Alpacas

Our aim is to produce commercial quantities of quality fleece on strong boned, well conformed animals.

Our females have been chosen on price and genotype. All females have backgrounds with tried and true genetics.

We also aim to highlight the natural diversity of colour exhibited by alpacas.

Our quality males are matched with groups of females in order to give them the best chance to exploit their best attributes and breed out less desirable ones.

We have the long term goal of breeding animals that are affordable and, in the future, will be THE FOUNDATION OF A COMMERCIAL FLEECE HERD.

We also pride ourselves on being able to offer safe, efficient and affordable alpaca transport.

Tumi Alpacas